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10 Cup Rice Cooker review For Your Kitchen

10 Cup Rice Cooker For a smart Kitchen:

10 cup rice cooker

Technology makes our life easier day by day. Before the invention of electricity people used the process of wood burning for making rice, you can find it today also if you go to a rural country. But after coming the electricity and natural gas people started to use the gas stove or electric stove for cooking rice. But what’s about now??
Technology gives us unlimited materials in our limited life. Rice cooker is a happy pinch from digital technology. If you tell cooking rice is an easy task to you than cooking on the cooker is definitely the easiest.
I know you also agree with it. That’s why you are searching here for a rice cooker that best fits you. Now let’s explain which cooker actually needs for you or your family.
The rice cooker company usually makes 5 cups, 10 cups, 3 cups and 7 cups cooker for most of the time.
If any rice cooker company advertise about a 10 cup rice cooker then what does it mean? The cooked rice is 10 cups? Not usually this, it means you get the large number of cooked rice that’s about almost 20 cups.
If it is being advertised about 5 cups then you will get 10 cups cooked rice.
7 cups Parallel 14 cups cooked.

Why 10-Cup Cooker?:

Any smaller model can’t cook large amount or larger model can’t cook small amount well. So notifying the capacity is very important before buying a cooker. If you want a cooker for your family you need 10 cups or more than 10 cups but usually 10 cups cookers are the standard size cooker for a family about 5 to 10 persons and if there’s a guest will come suddenly, then no problem you can increase your rice amount and most often cooked rice can be increased in 30 cups in 10-cup rice cooker, that’s why I’ll show you the best 10 cups rice cookers today with all the bells and whistles.
Not all the 10 –cup rice cookers are the same. Some are set up with one basic level like measures-plug and press the switch and rice will be cooked. But nowadays most of the cookers come with micro-computerized monitoring system those are more expensive but more beneficial than normal.
Top brands like Tiger, Zojirushi, Aroma, Panasonic and so on all are the most commonly popular brands.

Most Popular 10 cup rice Cookers:

Here is some best 10 cup rice cookers  company name below

Tiger JAG-B18U:

Rating: 5.0
Capacity: 10 cup
Heating Technology: Far-infrared heating, induction heating technology
Unique feature: Tacook, flavor distribution.
Menu setting: All kind of rice

Tiger JNP-1800:

Rating: 4.7
Capacity: 10 cup
Heating Technology: conventional Heating.
Unique feature: Flower exterior.
Menu setting: All types of rice to maintain the rice and water ratio.

Zojirushi NS-TGC18:

Rating: 4.5
Capacity: 10 cup
Heating Technology: Fuzzy logic.
Unique feature: energy efficient and cake maker.
Menu setting: Sushi rice, brown rice, porridge, mixed rice, quick cooking, and sweet rice and so on.

Panasonic SR-MS182:

Rating: 4.5
Capacity: 10-cup
Heating Technology: Fuzzy logic
Unique feature: unique technology for inner pot; Binchotan charcoal.

Zojirushi NP-HBC18:

Rating: 4.5
Capacity: 10-cup
Heating Technology: Induction heating
Unique feature: GABA menu setting for Brown rice.

Aroma ARC-2000SB:

Rating: 5.0
Capacity: 10-cup
Heating Technology: sensor logic
Unique feature: Saute-then-simmer
Menu setting: steamer, warmer, sauté-the-simmer and all kind of rice.

Cuckoo CRPHW1087F:

Rating: 5.0
Capacity: 10-cup
Heating Technology: Pressure+ fuzzy logic+ induction heating
Unique feature: multi-material coating on the inner side.
Menu setting: GABA rice, mixed rice, steamer, warmer, and all types of rice can be cooked and baby food also.
So these are the most popular 10 cups rice cooker from most popular brands.

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