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Best Japanese Rice cooker brand in the world

Best Japanese Rice cooker:

Most of the Asian people love to eat rice. Cooking rice is always not easy. Because there are different kinds of rice and different kinds of recipes to cook. And in this modern world we are busy and we try to save our time by using technology. Japan is the first country which made automated home rice cooker. They use modern technology to make rice cooker better. So the quality of rice cookers from Japan is always best. We will give some idea about best Japanese rice cooker in this blog. There are plenty of reasons to buy Japanese rice cookers.

Why do you need a rice cooker?


Best Japanese Rice cooker

Before buying a rice cooker you might have a question that why do you need a rice cooker. Well there are the answers:
It saves time: We all are busy now. We have many things to do. Rice cooker easily saves your time. You can put rice and water in the rice cooker and then you can do other works. You don’t need to do anything else. Besides now with advanced technology there are many rice cookers which can be operated by mobile phone apps. If you are away from home you can operate and cook your food. When you arrive home you will get warm and fresh food. Isn’t it a great thing?
Easy to operate: You don’t need to put much effort to cook rice if you have rice cooker. Just put water and rice together and start your cooker. You will get well cooked rice. Even children can operate this.
Easy to clean: If you can cook properly with cooker, you can easily clean the pot. This is not a difficult task.

How does a rice cooker work?

You might have wonder how does rice cooker cook without burning and we get beautiful, soft rice. Well I am telling you that there are some mechanisms. With modern technology rice cooker can cook well.
There are four phase of cooking rice. Sitting, boiling, steaming and resting. A rice cooker has five main elements. These are main body, an interior cooking pan, a thermal sensing unit, an electric plate and operating buttons.

When we put rice and water to the pan the sensing unit controls the temperature. It will rise temperature to boil the water. Sensor always tracks the water level. When the water is boiled the sensing unit will change the mood to “keep warm”. Thus we get our food hot.
Cooking method is also very easy. You just need to take rice. Wash rice severe times and then put rice and water in the bowl. Lastly fix your time and temperature. Your cooking will be done.

Why should you buy Japanese rice cooker?

Japan first made automated electric rice cooker. You will get best rice cooker. Even you can get cheap Japanese rice cooker which will work fine. There are many reasons to buy Japanese rice cooker. Such as:
1. Japan maintains high standard in all the products.
2. Their rice cookers have advanced technology
3. They make best rice cookers.

What you should check before buying a rice cooker:

When you are at the market to buy a rice cooker you should check these points. Don’t forget to check because you will see different kinds of model. And the functions and features are different. I am describing them.
Size of the rice cooker: There are different sizes of rice cookers available at the market. Like small, medium and big sizes. If you have a big family then you need big size. For 1 or 2 people you will need small. So according to your family member you should buy rice cooker. You can ask the salesman and take their suggestions.
Quality of bowl: The bowls or pot is that where the rice will be cooked. Checking the quality of bowl is important. Because materials of bowls can be different. Aluminum is mostly used material. Some are made of stainless steel but those are pricy. The bowl is coated with nonstick layer. In cheap product the layer doesn’t last long. So check the quality of bowls carefully.
Heating method: There are two types of heating method. Coiled electric heater and inducting heating system. Coiled heating system is used in most of the model. But induction model is getting popular day by day because in this method we can cook fast. Even rice is cooked evenly and perfectly. Induction model is costly but good.
Stay cool exterior: There are some cookers in which the outer part gets hot. So handling that kind of cooker is difficult and dangerous. So try to find which will keep outer part cool.
Options: Normally rice cooker has some options like cook, water level, done etc. But in advanced and digital rice cooker has some extra options. Like cooking different types of rice, timing, keep warm, timing, delayed cooking. Even there is an option to operate from mobile apps.
Brand: There are many companies which produce rice cooker. Some famous Japanese rice cooker brands are Zojirushi, Hitachi, Toshiba, Mitsubishi. They produce good quality products.

Points to know before buying rice cooker:

There are some key points you need to know before buying a rice cooker. This will help you.
Uses: Many people think rice cooker is only used for cooking rice. But surprisingly you can also steam or cook cake, vegetables, sushi, porridge and other food too. You can cook different kinds of rice also.
Frequency: If you cook rice daily or frequently I will suggest you to buy a good quality rice cooker. Because you want to buy a rice cooker which will last long. So if you invest more you can buy good quality model. But if you eat rice occasionally then a cheap model is okay.

Best Japanese rice cooker:

I will give some name which are best for sale.
Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT
Tiger JNP-1800-FL
Hitachi RZ-VS2M-N
Toshiba RC-10VRG-R
Mitsubishi NJ-XS104J
So this blog was about Japanese rice cooker. I have tried to give you a good idea about best Japanese rice cookers. Hope this will help you.

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