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best rated rice cooker in market

Best Rated Rice Cooker:

Introduction:  Rice cookers are useful cooking appliance for you as it makes your work simple and in faster way. It makes you tension free while you are going to cook. There are different kinds of rice cooking device in the market. Amidst of them, we have compiled some best rated rice cooker to let you know for your convenience.


Best Rated Rice Cooker

1. Panasonic SR-G065G Automatic Rice Cooker:

Panasonic SR-G065G Automatic Rice Cooker offers you the most useful features that allow you to cook with comfort. When your cooking is done, it has a function to switch to a warming mode automatically. That keeps your rice warm for long time. The glass made lid allow you to view the rice from outside when you are cooking.
It also includes necessary accessories associated with the cooker such as measuring cup, rice steaming basket and rice scoop for making your job easier. This is the best rice and vegetable steamer I have ever seen.

2. KRUPS RK7011 4-in-1 Rice Cooker:

KRUPS RK7011 4-in-1 Rice Cooker is one of the best rated rice cookers steamers in the world. I can recommend it like this as it covers four different tasks such as cooking rice, better steaming, oatmeal and slow cooking.
You can cook a lot of rice here with this cooking device because it has 10 cup capacity of rice. The best part of this cooker is the cooking pan and steam basket unit both are nonstick in properties. That’s another reason we can claim it as the best rated too. If you are seeking a cooker that can serve you with multi-level of quality service, I think this is the best quality rice cooker for you.

3. Black & Decker RC436 Rice cooker:

Black & Decker RC436 Rice cooker is the best programmable rice cooker with a lot of different functions and facilities. It has capacity of cooking 16-cups of rice at a time. The whole function is nonstick and dishwasher friendly for you.
A tempered glass is used to generate the lid with better steam venting mechanism. The engineers followed simple design here that is quite impressive to look at. It is long lasting and dependable kitchen appliance that serves you perfectly.

4. Zojirushi NSRNC18FZ Automatic Rice Cooker:

This top rated rice cooker features with extraordinary functions in such a way so that it can keep the rice warm for longer period time. It includes with a beautiful measuring cup and spatula holder unit.
This product is quite large in size and has 10 cups of rice cooking capability. Your cooked rice will remain fresh for about 12 hours long in a day. The lid of the cooker has airtight system and that’s why rice will hold the massive moist state.
Conclusion: Everyone asks for the best one to get the highest service from any product. That’s why we have created this article to let you know about the best rated rice cooker. Hopefully, you are benefitted with this article.

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