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Best Tiger Rice Cooker With Perfect Rice Time

Best Tiger Rice Cooker for your kitchen:

Already you have googled so many times to find the best rice cooker for you. As you may have seen many of them but didn’t get the perfect one that fits you. Just take a fresh breathe and go throughout this you will find the best tiger rice cooker that must fit you.


best Tiger Rice Cooker

And it is obviously “The Tiger Electric Rice Cooker”

The Tiger Corporation of Japan always makes the genuine products that maintain the quality and user integrity. So, the tiger rice cooker has brought the best induction rice cooker on the market. Carrying all the presentable feature tiger rice cooker serves to have all-in-one implements capabilities like a rice cooker, slow cooker, steam maker, bread maker, and synchronic-cooking like a mistake-proof legend robot.
Only the tiger cooker has the innovation credit of “tacook” function that lets you cook rice and a main dish parallel without affecting flavors of each other. It saves your time with a healthy meal as well.

Why tiger cookers will become the best buy:

Tacook (Synchro-cooking function in tiger cooker only): Two dishes can be prepared at the same time by the synchro-cooking function and it’s only for tiger rice cooker.
Induction Heating function: For induction heating function it is able to cook from an alternative electric current and it’s capable of making proper adjustment of temperature in a short time span.
Four (4)- in- one(1) multi-cooker: Only tiger rice can provide multi-cooking like synchronic cooking, slow cooking, steaming including rice cooking.
Auto-warming: tiger rice cooker is designed for automatic keep warm function for maximum time you need (more than 24 hours).
Easy cleaning process (Scrap free disassembling parts): Non-stick inner pot and upper lid included.
LCD display.

Not ended here. Again take a look over there:

Tiger rice cookers is the only cooker that is brought up with 5 layer metal plus 3 coating ceramic layer means 8 of multi-layer that ensures delicious rice time after time. Not only for white rice has it also the preset option for multi-grain, mixed rice and also for brown rice and all they are cooked as the superior quality that makes this cooker as one of the best buy rice cookers.
It has Ultra, Plain, Quick, and Jasmine menu for the different situation of you. Like you are in a hurry just press the quick mood and get plumy rice instantly.
“Brown” menu for brown rice is designed for longer water absorption.
Function of mixed rice? Tiger cooker never underestimates it.
Synchro-cook, porridge, oatmeal, Bake and slow cooking all functions are adjusted for you.
Among the entire rice cooker maybe it is the best bread maker.
Family standard size, cute oblong size, thick perdurable round, multi-cooking function, automatic keep warmer whatever you want you can find in it! As a mention,I have quoted the slogan of Tiger rice cooker for making you confident, Fluffy rice time.

Time after Time:

At Tiger, we believe rice should be perfectly moist and fluffy every time. It’s why we create state-of-the-art machines that cook rice of all types with large LCD displays that allow you to pre-set cook times to suit your schedule.
And we add that Literary The tiger cooker is made of three elements.
Better, balanced and healthy.
So choose this as your cooker for perfect grain every day.

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