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Best rice cookers: OVERNIGHT OATS – 8 WAYS

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Best rice cookers: OVERNIGHT OATS – 8 WAYS

Overnight oats area unit simply meal soaked long that absorb the liquid you place them in. i really like that you just will create an enormous batch ahead the night before while not having to cook and stir during a pot over the stove.
Overnight Oats – eight ways that
SO however does one create long OATS?
Start by combining meal along with your favorite milk and / or food. Add any sweetener or spices you prefer, cowl with a lid and get in the refrigerator to sit down long.
There area unit plenty of the way you’ll customise the flavors. make merry and blend up the flavors therefore you’ll have a unique one a day of the week.

And if you create them during a Mason jar, you’ll simply transport this healthy breakfast to high school, work or get pleasure from them on the road. get pleasure from them straight from the jar or pour into a bowl and add your favorite toppings.

There area unit plenty of recipes out there for long oats and also the EIGHT below area unit our latest favorites.

First up, we’re attending to begin with a Classic Base instruction for long oats.

Oats: long oats area unit generally created with old school meal and typically fast oats. Use protein free pro re nata.
Chia Seeds: Chia seeds provide long oats that thick pudding-like texture and add further fiber however be happy to go away them out if you aren’t an acquaintance.
Nut or seed butter: Almond butter, sunbutter and or spread add that savory-nutty flavor and a definite thickness.
Milk: Use your favorite milk you prefer or wear hand. we tend to sometimes wish to use almond however coconut milk, cashew milk or farm milk all work fine.
Fruit: make merry along with your toppings. Add fruit that won’t get mushy directly into the Mason jar or toss them on directly on high of the oats once you’re able to eat.

WHAT’S within THESE long OATS?

1. Banana Walnut long Oats
– oats
– almond milk
– chia seeds
– banana, mashed
– cinnamon
– nutmeg
– walnuts

Banana Walnut long Oats

2. Raspberry Lemon long Oats
– oats
– almond milk
– chia seeds
– raspberry jam
– conserves

Raspberry Lemon long Oats

3. Almond Joy long Oats
– oats
– almond milk
– chia seeds
– sweetener of your selection
– chocolate
– sliced coconut
– almonds

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