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What is the Best Rice Cooker For you

What is the Best Rice Cooker:

In our daily life we are gradually going to depend on technology. From washroom to kitchen everywhere we can see the touch of technology. Rice cooker is one of the most essential things in our daily life. People who live alone or busy house wife everybody needs a rice cooker. Today we will know about rice cooker, its function and brands. Besides these I will give some ideas about What is the Best Rice Cooker to buy.

What is a rice cooker?
–Rice cooker is an automated kitchen gadget which is used to boil or steam rice. Generally it has a cooking bowl or pot, a thermostat and a heat source. But if the cooker is complex, it has many other sensors and components. Some are computerized. The cooking bowl is covered with nonstick coating. It is made of aluminum material. But some use stainless steel which is expensive.
Japan is the first country which developed electric rice cooker. Now they make best rice cookers. With the help of technology they have added many features which make life more comfortable. There are many kinds of rice cookers available in the market. Price range also differs according to quality and functions. Some rice cooker can cook only rice. Some can cook different types of rice. Some can cook rice and other foods like soup, stew, cake etc. even some rice cooker provide steamer.
There are different types of rice cooker. Such as: gas rice cooker, electric rice cooker. Electric rice is best to use. Now most of the company sells electric rice cooker. Electric rice cooker has many types. Some has induction heating system which helps to cook rice perfectly. Because in this system the heat is reached evenly everywhere.
What is the best rice cooker?
–Best rice cooker depends on some points. Such as:
Quality of cooking pot.
Features and options.
Cooking time.
Keep warm option
Cooking capacity
Cleaning process.
In the market there are many best rice cookers available. From the review of the people I will list some name which best rice cooker to buy. You will also get an idea about which electric rice cooker is best and which electric rice cooker to buy.
Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD 8-Cup Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker and Food Steamer: It is best one of the best rice cookers to buy. It has digital timer. The cooking skill is excellent and can cook both white and brown rice. “Quick rice” option is used to cook rice quickly. It has steamer to steam food. It is easy to clean.

Aroma 12-Cup Sensor Logic ARC-616SB : If you want to buy a smart rice cooker you can buy this. This will work using the sensors and help you a lot. If you live in a cold country it will increase the heat level to keep food warm. Even if you make any mistake like measuring water or rice it can solve it. It has slow cooking features. It can cook rice, cake, soup etc.

Black & Decker 16-Cup RC436: It is cheaper but can do a lot of work. You can steam vegetables and fish. Easy to clean and operate. The cooking is also very good

Hamilton Beach Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker: For the large family it is the best electric rice cooker to buy. It can cook 7 cup uncooked rice. It has many options. “White Rice”, “brown Rice”, “Whole grain” for cooking brown rice, faro and other grains. You can cook soup, stew and beans using “Heat/Simmer” buttons. “Steam Cook” is used to cook dumpling, veggies, fish and meat. “Hot cereal” button is for making oatmeal and porridge. So it best to buy.

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup: Zojirushi is very popular among rice cooker users. They produce quality product with new technology. This rice cooker is also very good. It has “Fuzzy Logic” technology which makes this machine smarter. It has many options. “ White”, “ Brown”, “Semi Brown”, “ Sweet”, “Porridge”, “Mixed” ,” Quick Cooking”. It can cook perfectly. You can delay the time of cooking. It is also easy to use and clean.

So these are some idea and reviews about rice cooker. Hope it will help you to make a good choice.

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